We are an alternative film festival that explores how female and gender diverse empowerment operates in different communities. Through the moving image; we investigate who feels represented by feminism, who doesn’t, and why. Thus, we both celebrate and critically engage in contemporary feminist discourse.


What’s with the name? 
Fem&ist / noun / pronounced fem.and.ist / a fancy way of saying feminist.

Feminism is for everyone, not just the femmes. By breaking the word down (FEM.AND.IST) we’re deconstructing the way we think about who benefits from feminism (FEM&). The IST is accentuated to refer to the intersectional nature of gendered ethics. All words are dynamic, and their meaning changes with time. In creating our own word, we’re expanding the bounds of what our branch of feminism can encompass. 

But what is a feminist film? Glad you asked…



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