dir. Ester Martin Bergsmark - Sweden (2012) Swedish (75 mins)

"Finally, someone who dared to be more than just a boy or a girl." Ester Bergsmark’s genre-defying documentary cannot be reduced to either documentary or fiction, another binary that they oscillate between, and in some ways, transcend. The more I spoke to Ester, the more I realised that we need to move beyond thinking in binaries (female/male, truth/fiction) if we are to understand genderqueer cinema and identity more generally. This momentum forwards is what lends this series its’ name: Gender Futurism. Ester will be present for post-film Q&A.


Sunday 26/11/17
The Hare Hole
63 Johnston St, Fitzroy VIC 3065



While director Ester Martin Bergsmark and artist/writer Eli Levén enjoy a shared bath and shave each other’s legs, they think up a story about a fantasy world called Pojktanten. Their focal point is a young man trapped between two genders, who invents a third one in order to survive.


Best Nordic Film Audience Choice (Gothenburg International Film festival 2012), Best Cinematography (Gothenburg International Film festival 2012), Best Nordic Film Honourable Mention (Gothenburg International Film festival 2012).

20% of tickets for this session will be freely available to members of the trans, gender diverse and intersex community.

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