All film formats are welcome, whether these be music/choreography videos, short/feature length, documentary or fiction. The criteria is as follows:

1. Your film should aim to pass The Bechdel-Wallace Test. This is a basic barometer that helps measure if characters other than cis-dudes have any depth. As a part of the Dykes To Watch Out For series in 1985, American cartoonist Alison Bechdel drew up a strip called "The Rule". The rule stipulates that a film must have at least two women/GNC characters in it, who talk to each other, about something other than a (cis)man. Seems pretty simple right? But a shocking amount of films fail that test, so it's a useful tool. We recognise that the test isn't perfect, and doesn't cover more nuanced representation, but it is something to work towards to ensure that characters are not just accessories to a cis-male narrative.

2. We are looking for work that explores gender or intersectional feminism in some way. This can be an unconscious process by virtue of being a female/genderqueer filmmaker, or an explicitly femtastic film, or work that challenges gender/genre norms and representation in some way.

3. Films can be brilliant for a broad variety of reasons, and you never know if your film may actually be a great fit in our program. So whether you’re a student or an established filmmaker, we absolutely encourage you to apply. 


  • Early bird submissions close June 30th 2017, and general submissions thereafter close on October 31st 2017.

  • Submission does not guarantee acceptance. Films shown at the festival will remain at the discretion of the team at Fem&ist Films.

  • We are not smooth criminals and will not be held responsible for the inclusion of any uncleared copyright materials in your film; wether that be music, stock footage or anything else that could violate an existing copyright. It is the sole responsibility of the entity submitting the film to secure permission from the copyright holders of the material in question. Films accepted into the festival will be required to sign a waiver stipulating that they didn't get off the train at copyright violation station.

  • By submitting a film the filmmakers, copyright owners and distribution rights owners agree to have the film screened if selected for the programme.

  • We reserve the right to use stills and images for our promotional material such as the website and/or our programme.

  • A submission fee exists and it is there to ensure that you're serious. It’s $10 AUD for early birdies and $20 AUD thereafter. We understand intersectional disadvantage and the fee can be waived in instances of financial hardship, email for more information.

  • Format can either be DVD, BluRay or digital. For submission it will be enough to send a link to Vimeo or similar with a password and once the film has been accepted, the format used for the festival can be submitted.

  • English subtitles are required for films in languages other than English, and closed captions are encouraged but not essential in English language films.

  • Shipping costs/digital transfer costs have to be paid by the filmmaker. DVD's can be returned if paid for at the submitting entities expense.



Step 1: Fill out and submit the form at the bottom of this page with Submission - 2017 in the subject line. Your message should include the following.

Film title:


Country of origin and year:



Distributor (if applicable):

Aspect ratio:

Length of film:

Synopsis of film:

What makes this film wonderful in the eyes of Fem&ist?

Preferred way of submission: digital, post etc.

Has the film been on the Australian film festival circuit? If yes, which festivals and when?

Step 2:  Make the submission payment relative to the dates outlined in the terms and conditions via this button:


Step 3: Send us your film, whether that be a digital transfer or through the post. For any queries say G'Day at

Thank you, and we look forward to checking out your work!

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