A series of short films exploring the roles and rights of women in various geo-political zones characterised by conflict; from Aleppo, to asylum, to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This session will be followed by slam poetry, because putting affected communities on a panel for our interrogation seemed quite insensitive. Furthermore, we believe we need to transcend institutionalised modes of communication if we are to understand what it really means to listen. The following video was shown as a prelude to Zaina Erhaim's Syria's Rebellious Women (2016):

Wednesday 22/11/17
ACMI - Federation Square


dir. Michèle Cournoyer - Canada (2008)
 (5 mins)

A lyrical exploration of the impact of war on women, their bodies and their families. Bringing a feminist sensibility to a contemporary issue, it looks at what happens when war insinuates itself inside the very being of a woman — she who once gave life.


dir. Priya Sundram - England (2016)
 (4 mins)

This short animation; commissioned by the charity Women For Refugee Women***, highlights the experiences of a refugee woman who is held in detention. Set Her Free juxtaposes Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre, and her previous imprisonment in her home country, to reveal how detention forces her to relive her trauma.


dir. Antonio Spanò - Democratic Republic of the Congo (2016)
  (30 mins)

A short documentary about women, deafness and courage. Pre-existing inequalities are magnified in warzones, and deafness marginalises women even more. Jemima, the story’s little guide, takes us through the dusty red roads of Butembo; inviting us to witness her world through her own eyes. While following Jemima through crowded markets, slaughterhouses and bat hunting scenes, we encounter three other women, Immaculée, Stuka and Sylvie. The women share their powerful stories of struggle and survival, revealing the beautiful resilience of the human spirit.



dir. Zaina Erhaim - Syria (2016)
 All Ages (32mins) Arabic

The 2016 Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards finalist Zaina Erhaim offers rare insight on the women of rebel-held Syria; a side of Syria rarely seen in mainstream media. Facing restrictions on their movements, dress, behaviour, and often disapproval from their families, our heroines continue undeterred along the paths they have chosen – documenting war, delivering supplies to civilians, and providing medical services.

Women for Refugee Women, do great work in supporting women who are crossing borders to seek safety. They empower and enable refugees to tell their own stories, and challenge the injustices they experience. If you are able, it is absolutely worthwhile supporting their campaign against the detention of women seeking asylum in the UK. This can be done by clicking here to donate.

If you would prefer to support asylum seekers at a local level, please consider donating your time or resources to the Grandmothers Against Detention of Refugee Children or the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

20% of tickets for this session will be freely available to those that have been displaced by war.

To get on the list, please email hello@femandistfilms.com with your name and "Women in Warzones guest list" in the subject line.